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Autism is a neurodevelopmental disorder affecting speech, behavior, and socialization. It is a lifelong condition with no cure. The mainstay of current treatment for Autism is 1-on-1 behavioral, speech, and occupational therapy. There are no FDA approved drugs to specifically treat Autism, although several drugs are used with limited benefit.

Sirica Therapeutics is developing a digital therapeutic system that integrates virtual reality, video gaming, advanced robotics, and physical exercise in a deeply immersive environment. It is an early-stage startup seeking pre-seed funding.

The purpose of this study is to learn about how individuals experience the Sirica Therapeutics System. We can then use this information to design the most effective interventions using this platform.

What are the goals of this study?


We are looking for individuals with Autism Spectrum Disorder over the height of 5 feet 2 inches who are physically able to ride the machine. The participant should be able to come to our lab in Salt Lake City, UT, at the designated appointment time.

Who can be a part of this study?


Participants will be asked to test drive the Sirica Therapeutics System for about 20 minutes. Each participant/caretaker will complete a questionnaire before and after the experience. The expected time to complete the study is 1 hour.

What will participants be asked to do?


The information gathered from this study will help us design the Sirica Therapeutics System to effectively mitigate the symptoms associated with Autism Spectrum Disorder. Participants will receive a $200 Amazon Gift Card for participation!

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